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Environmental Statement

Trafertir is committed to ensuring compliance with the requirements of the environmental legislation and approved codes of conduct as they apply to an office based operation, as a minimum level of performance. The Company recognises that the business undertaken will have an impact, however small, on the environment. The Company has assessed the environmental impact of its past and current operations and will continue to do so for any future operations. The Company is further committed to continuously seek to improve its environmental performance as follows:

  • Maximise load capacity
  • Minimise empty running
  • Reduce fuel usage by investment in new technologies and fuel efficient vehicles
  • Recycling of packaging materials
  • Recycling of plastic and paper waste
  • Minimising waste
  • The efficient use of water and energy
  • Minimising the use of solvents in cleaning processes
  • Minimising any noise disturbance to neighbours

The Company will raise awareness, encourage participation and train its employees in environmental matters which affect them. Trafertir expects its suppliers and sub-contractors to have similar environmental standards and to be able to demonstrate them. The Company will liaise with local and national bodies and communities in an environmentally sensitive way and will participate in any discussions on environmental issues. The Company will, on an annual basis, check that is current activities comply with the environmental policy and undertake a review of such activities.

What else can we offer?

Our aim is to work for you, not get you to work for us… As a leading International transport and logistics provider we are well placed to meet the needs in many business sectors. Trafertir have extensive experience in most business sectors and we are confident that we can provide you with a right solution to meet your needs from door to door or from start to finish.

  • European Road Network
  • UK Domestic Distribution
  • UPN Pallet Network Member
  • Customs Clearance
  • ETSF Bonded Warehouse
  • 7000 Pallet Spaces
  • Sea Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Full Risk Cargo Insurance
  • Hiab & Moffett
  • Waste Carrier Certified